Client Trust

Leaders and Organizations perform better, and people are happier and more engaged with high trust. We work closely with partners and clients worldwide ensuring secure, efficient and stable implementation of our projects. We create well built technical sessions and a trusted environment of synergy.



Akeydor Limited today is the Leader in Remote Control and Classroom Management Technology. Leadership cannot be taught. It is a state of mind. It is the personalities and the traits of its leaders that make companies thrive.


Our Partners

Akeydor Limited supports and maintains a wide network of Technology Partners, with whom we operate closely together. Our Distribution network extends from South America, to South and Central Europe.


- What We Do -

Secure Remote Control

Secure, efficient, stable and easy to use Remote Control of Windows Computers over LAN network as well as through safe internet access, to take control of thousands of corporate workstations, Servers, locked up machines and unmanned computers.

Mobile Workforce

Travelling sales teams, staff working from home, truck drivers, utility meter readers, field workers. Several millions of workers worldwide will telecommute at least part of their time. This means less office space, a lower overhead and an increasing need to support mobile devices around the world, securely and efficiently.

Endpoint security

Permanent PC protection reduces maintenance costs and administration time to a minimum without restricting the functionality of the PC in any way. We implement HDGUARD for all application areas in which PCs need specific security because of constantly changing users.

Classroom Management

Akeydor Limited implements software that save time, enhance learning and keep students safe. Features include View students screens, blank screens and block input, share teachers’ screens, block web. Hundreds of thousands of installed licenses have collaborated to enhanced training for thousands of customers.

Embedded and OEM

We implement our software also in form of OEM and integrated into your software solutions to meet your exact requirements. Add proven functionality, features, cloud communication and usability to your business critical solutions without compromising on quality, while reducing your time to market.

IT Asset Management

Your IT Infrastructure doesn’t keep regular business hours. When something goes wrong, your remote IT support solution has to let you resolve it immediately: unattended systems, corporate networks, data center operations, servers: at the same time, it has to help you do more, with less.

Akeydor Limited: The dynamic force in the worldwide software markets, offering business and educational software to Clients for more than 20 years now. We have supported industry and governments, aided large projects and provided solutions to the most remote locations.

- Management Team -

Michael Chatzilias

Group Director

Stami Theodoridi

Director of Finance

Mina Bairamisli

Partners and Operations