Akeydor focuses on entering the wide market for the support of Smartphones and Mobile Devices running a variety of operating systems today. Akeydor brings in Technology which today runs with several mobile operating system clients.

Akeydor brings Remote Support application which is able to access, control and manage Devices running Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Symbian and soon to be Iphones and Android systems.

The smart phones are sweeping all over the world. More and more professionals use the free applications both for fun and for business. Expensive business applications are installed on the smartphones. This brings new needs and challenges. Smartphones must be sufficiently maintained to maintain their data safely stored and to transfer their data to safe servers worldwide.

Akeydor brings applications which enable the supporters to connect to the Mobile Devices from a PC, or from another Mobile Device and to carry out necessary tooling or to provide user support, application support, irrespective of the devices being connected via the company WiFi or via the mobile network.

Akeydor brings in applications which enable IT Professionals to reach their servers and other important PCs from the comfort of their own Smartphones. The ability to look at a problem, and solve it remotely, no matter where the user is located, is critical in securing a high rate of uptime and user satisfaction.

Akeydor partners with Wisemo to make this possible today.


Software vendors are able to enrich their applications by enhancing Akeydor’s new Wisemo technology, and telecom providers are able to add value to their offerings by establishing remote support and management within their services.


Akeydor brings in Remote Support and Management for Mobile Devices with new myCloud Technology, which enables users to remotely connect to their PCs and Smartphones, no matter where they are located by using a unique state of the art myCloud connection, bringing support to a completely new era.

For more information please visit Akeydor online at www.Akeydor.com and www.Wisemo.com