Akeydor Limited

Paragon Shipping Inc is an international shipping company specializing in the transportation of drybulk cargoes. Paragon owns vessels able to trade worldwide in a multitude of trade routes carrying a wide range of cargoes and covering a number of industries. Paragon’s fleet has a capacity of 748,000 deadweight tons.

Paragon has announced today the renewal of the Service Agreement with Akeydor, which includes the License Support and Maintenance of the Tripwire Log Management and Event Management Solution via a 24/7 Support Desk.

Paragon is a long time Akeydor customer and has leveraged on Akeydor’s License and Support advantages since 2008.

For more information regarding Akeydor’s services, please contact Akeydor on line at: Akeydor Support Services

For more information on Paragon, please visit Paragon Shipping