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Akeydor releases Netop VisionME for the iPad Classroom


London and Athens, October 21st, 2014

Akeydor Limited, Global Distributor for Remote Access and Classroom Management Software, is today announcing the NEW release of Netop’s VisionME Software for the iPad Classroom.

See the NEW Product brochure here

The new VisionME for the iPad Classroom boosts many new features available to the modern Teacher and Student today, such as Chat with Students, Present, Show, Share files, messaging, Blank screen, block Access, online learning and assessment tools. Please see the new VisionME Web site and video here:

The new VisionME Web site and our newly released VisionME video

The benefits to Teachers, Staff, Students and Administrators are many and users are welcome to test the new application here:

Try it out

For Teachers

  • Engage and capture student interest with iPad to iPad demonstrations.
  • Maximize instructional time and manage iPad classroom workflow.
  • Increase student achievement and improve classroom participation.

For IT Staff

  • Spend less time training teachers and more time on real IT challenges.
  • Provide teachers with an easy, intuitive iPad classroom app that works.
  • Helpful tools and full support from the experts in classroom management.

For Administrators

  • Empower your teachers with simple and engaging iPad tools for instruction.
  • Support your schools and make the most of your technology investments.
  • Give your IT staff iPad management tools that require less training.