Our Interview in the International Markets

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Our Interview in the International Markets

Αkeydor limited: We focus on Solutions which increase the competitiveness and the integrity level of our international customers.

Press: Please explain briefly about who Akeydor is, and the operational model that you follow. Which customers do you address and which products do you make available, including your Partners?

Michael Chatzilias: Akeydor Limited is the establishing Company of the Akeydor Group of Companies and operates as an Added Value Distributor of Business Software and Technology Products, representing more than 200 different vendors and software publishers around the world today.
We operate out of Central London, which is one of the largest Business Centers in the world, so that we can develop partnerships with vendors and software publishers around the world, directly and with immediate effect, as well as with Reseller Partners who serve their own Customers in their own markets.

Akeydor Limited operates in the international markets also indirectly via our Reseller Partners in more than 45 countries around the world, ensuring immediate access to several Business Software and Technology Products today, in a flexible manner for Partners and end users.

Press: When was established and which is its main operation?

Stami Theodoridi: As the years came by and our Partnerships grew internationally, our markets showed us the need to establish a new operation which would complete Akeydor in its business scope.

While Akeydor today focuses on the Business Software sector, focuses on the distribution of Software and Technology Products for the Academic industry around the world.

Recent entry into the wide and dynamic markets of 3D Printing and Scanning also reaches out to our Business Partners and Customers as well as the Academic community.

Press: Which is the Business model for today? Does the Company address only Academic institutions or does it also address Corporate Organizations?

Our Interview in the International MarketsStami Theodoridi: Today addresses the whole Academic Community in many countries around the world, making available more than 200 different Products from global vendors and software publishers, either in their Academic, or in their Corporate / Commercial editions.
Universities, Academic Institutions, Schools, Government entities, Research and Development Centers and Academic users can use as their Point of Reference for all their Technological needs.

At the same time, our Business Partners who serve the Academic Community in their own local markets as well as the Business Community, can use Akeydor as their Distribution Centers.Organizations which will need a wide variety of Business Software and Technology Products will have a wide variety of solutions to choose from, when they Partner with Akeydor.

Press: Can you please explain how a Partner may benefit by Partnering?

Mina Bairamisli: A Business Partner / Reseller will receive his Price Quote in a fast, efficient, solid and integral manner, choosing from a wide variety of Software and Technology Products. Our team will only need to know whether the Quotation and the Licenses will refer to a Business or an Academic Customer / end user.

Team has been trained so as to respond to requirements 24/7 and with integrity for all our Business Partners.
A Partner can also purchase his requested Product via our Web site, by registering safely and completing payment via Paypal and proceeding to immediate delivery.

Similarly, our Akeydor Team co-operates with several vendors and Software Publishers around the world, so that the availability of the Solutions to be completed in a flexible, immediate and safe manner.

Press: Akeydor operate indirectly to the global markets, supporting Reseller Partners. Which are the criteria by which you select the products that you distribute and the Partners that you select?

Our Interview in the International MarketsMina Bairamisli: Our Group works closely with any Reseller partner around the world who wants to serve its Customers in its local market. The criteria that we use are distinguished by the Partner need for Academic or for Business (Commercial) Licenses. The Purchase procedure and the distribution of the solutions are immediately available for all our Partners, Corporate and Academic, who want to serve their Customers around the world as well as in their own local markets.
Our Customers and our Partners instruct us which solutions their Customers need, which we materialize.

Using this strategy, to satisfy Customer and Partner product request, our very own Customers have helped us establish Business Relationships with our current vendors.
For example, with Unity 3D (Game Development Software), many Professionals have requested the Product in its Commercial License, so they can develop their own platform and sell it to their own Customers. Therefore, we have established a solid global Partnership with Unity, and we are today able to distribute the Product in its Commercial as well as Academic License around the world.

Press: Why would a Company purchase a product from Akeydor, and not directly from the specific vendor / manufacturer?

Mina Bairamisly: Our Group has the ability to distribute a wide variety of Products which will cover virtually all business and academic needs of our Customers and Partners, as opposed to the one only vendor who will be able to offer one solution only. For example, in the Classroom Management, Certification, IT Training and Personal Development sectors, we offer Netop Products, LanSchool, Impero, which represent a variety of brands, features and price possibilities – as opposed to limiting our Customers and Partners to only one solution for them. Our Partners and Customers obtain a wide choice of brands, as well as the quality, integrity and flexibility of our high level of services.
It is important to mention that, although we work with CDW, Douglas Stewart, Ingram Micro, the Akeydor Group focuses on a model which possesses and offers know-how in the products we distribute so that we can immediately support the implementations that we make.

When our Customers request new Products from us, we have a specific Protocol to search and establish new Partnerships with vendors and Software Publishers so that the whole process can be completed easily and with flexibility. Our protocol states that we do anything within our power to make a new product available to a Partner within 48 hours from the initial Partner or Customer request that we will receive – as long as the vendor or software publisher encourages new partnerships for global markets. This is an asset that we have always had since the introduction of Akeydor in the global markets.

Press: On what grounds have you decided to make available the 3D Printers? Which is themarket that you address?

Stami Theodoridi: Initially our asset was the distribution of Business and Academic Software. Recently our Partners and Customers instructed us to bring on the 3D Market to them (“3D Printing and Scanning”). So we established new co-operations with 3D Printer vendors, offering a wide variety of devices to our Customers and Partners. The great benefit is the ability to purchase in large quantities, and thus passing on the price benefits to our Customers and Resellers.

Press: Which are the most important products that your Group distributes (Akeydor)?

Michael Chatzilias: Some of our Solutions are exclusively offered by Akeydor Limited, while for other Products we have a Global Distribution model. Akeydor is the exclusive Distributor for NetOp products & Educational Solutions for Europe and South America, while the business model we follow is to assign relationships with Reseller Partners around the world, making available the complete NetOp range to our Partners, in a flexible manner.

The new Wisemo Products enable our Business users to obtain immediate, fast and safe access to Android devices and assets via safe Cloud Technology, so that they can transfer files safely, to support Android devices, to switch them on or off when needed, or to control their use from a remote or from an office location. The features and capabilities are many as to the support of the Android assets (being a highly developing sector worldwide).

Recently, established a new agreement with Stone-ware, a Lenovo Company, for the Distribution of LanSchool in several countries in the world. Thus, the Group makes available a wide choice of Products and brands in several sectors today.

Lately, Akeydor established an agreement with Trackunit, which enables Companies to control their vehicle fleet, to manage the fleet and to support it from their offices (Fleet Management sector). A company which runs a fleet of trucks all over Europe, for example, is able to see where each one of the vehicle is driving to, at which speed and with which driver. The Software is also able to keep a maintenance schedule, to control the speed and to communicate with the driver.

Press: Which sectors do you address Unity3D to?

Mina Bairamisli: Is the largest distributor for Unity Products in the world. There are several Game Developers in several countries in the world, who will need Unity to develop and publish their own 3D Software. At the same time, there are many Institutions which need Unity to teach 3D Development to their Students. Implements Unity via its Reseller Partners around the world, in its Academic as well as Commercial / Retail editions of the Product.

Press: Are you interested in establishing more Reseller Partners around the world, and if so, what is needed from those Partners in order to process a relationship with Akeydor?

Michael Chatzilias: We welcome new Partners from any country in the world, who would like to serve their own Customers in their own markets. Our Group will be able to recommend and bring on their requested Technologies for their important Customers. In accordance with the needed Products and the type of Customers, our Team handles the relationships from the Akeydor or the side.

A new Partner must possess a strong drive and positive energy to build any new relationship. Our Team has developed the tools and the protocols to help a Reseller Partner reach out to Products and Services which will respond to their Customer requirements.
Our moto has always been” If there is no way, just create your own strong one…..”