Akeydor Limited

Akeydor Limited announces the implementation of Danaos Modules and the Business Platform

Akeydor Limited, worldwide distributor for Software and Technology Products, also provider of IT Security Services, announces the implementation of Danaos Commercial, Ship Management and Financial Suites to its Shipping customers: Shipping owners and brokers in several countries today.

Danaos is the developer of the most technically advanced CRM system for the shipping industry today, ranging from capabilities in the Commercial agreements, to the Voyage, to the Technical Management of the vessel, and to the Financial contracts, arrangements and payments. Danaos suites enable Shipping companies to undertake and simplify several of their land and sea operations in a smooth, customized, efficient and reliable manner.

Akeydor Limited is the representative for Danaos suites and Danaos Business and Community Platform in several markets.

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