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Akeydor Limited launches HDGuard for PC Protection

London, UK, and Hamburg, Germany: Monday October 10th, 2016

Remote Control & Classroom Management Leading Distribution Company Akeydor Limited, together with Developer RDT – Global in Hamburg, are today announcing the launch and availability of their all new PC protection software, HDGUARD for permanent PC protection. The software is developed by RDT in Germany, and Akeydor Limited is announcing its new distribution role across Europe.

HDGUARD enables universities, colleges, schools, private and public educational institutions, to enhance permanent PC protection and to reduce their maintenance costs and administration time to a minimum, without restricting the functionality of the PC in any way.

HDGUARD, developed by RDT in Germany, is designed for permanent PC protection. It is a cost effective security software for all application areas in which PCs need specific security because of constantly changing users. Because of that, HDGUARD is suited for the safe use of PC systems in schools and other educational institutions, internet cafes, libraries, and even for internet PCs at the kiosk. Even corporate office PCs, users can simply and effectively protect them with HDGUARD and making them stable and secure.

The HDGuard backup concept is ingeniously simple

Instead of backing up windows by creating a complete hard disk image, HDGUARD memorizes all changes a user or windows performs. The advantage of this concept is HDGUARD requires only very little memory and hard disk space. Furthermore HDGUARD will start at an amount of zero disk usage after each reboot. This way a protected PC always boots up fast and reliable, even after thousands of boot / reboot cycles.

Another advantage is a recovery time of zero. HDGUARD does not have to restore a hard disk image. Thus, it will not ever overwrite your protected partition in the means of restoring a system image. Instead, it will just “forget” the changes made during the last windows session.

Customers and partners of Akeydor Limited, as well as the markets are welcome to see the list of features at a glance hereby:

HDGUARD list of features at a glance

“We are very pleased to announce our new launch of HDGUARD software, the most intelligent permanent PC protection software in the market today. Schools, universities, private and public educational institutions will enjoy a set of state of art features and capabilities of HDGUARD, which will be integrated with our Classroom Management software, to provide a fit, intelligent, robust and complete Classroom Management solution today. Our customers and partners will experience an unparallel PC protection solution together with Classroom Management”, says Michael Chatzilias, CEO of Akeydor Limited.

Akeydor Limited has since 2007 become a leader in secure and efficient Remote Control and intelligent Classroom Management solutions. Since 2007, Akeydor has implemented NetOp Remote Control and Classroom Management Solutions to the large enterprise sector, including the educational sector where intelligent teaching, professional training and certification have become a daily need in teacher and students’ interactions at schools and universities.

For more information about Akeydor Limited and HDGUARD, please visit ak.my-soul.net as well as RDT Global online at https://rdt.de/.

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