Madrid, March 2nd, 2017

Akeydor Limited, leader in Remote Control, Classroom Management and Permanent PC Protection software, has participated in Interdidac exhibition with local partners and through universities here in Madrid.


You can visit the exhibition here

Interdidac is the most important meeting in Spain for the Education Community. This year edition of the event included the 23rd edition of the International Educational Opportunities Exhibition, AULA. Also, the 6th International Higher Education Fair, FORO DE POSTGRADO, the International Educational Equipment Show, Interdidac and participating for the first time, the EXPOELEARNING International Congress.





One of the most successful tasks we have managed is to present NetOp Vision Pro alongside with our newly released HDGUARD for Permanent PC Protection, to all Schools, Universities, Academies and Private institutions alongside the congress. Also our newly released GoToMarket service to local and international software suppliers was introduced at the floor.

Alongside with our local partner in Madrid, Soluciones MCR we designed the framework for superior classroom management and student protection for many of our local customers in a “Semana de la Educacion” fair and updated our appointments with our customers for the SIMO exhibition in October.

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