Autumn and winter, 2017

Akeydor Limited participates and showcases its products in all three SMAU Technology exhibitions this year:

SMAU Bologna (June 8th and 9th)

SMAU Milano (October 24 – 26)

SMAU Napoli (14, 15 December)


For over 50 years Smau supports companies and its professionals in the purchase of technology, facilitating the meeting between entrepreneurs and managers of public enterprises and local governments and suppliers of digital solutions.

Smau is the most important Italian event dedicated to Information & Communication Technology designed to help main national and international suppliers of ICT solutions meet entrepreneurs, corporate and public administration decision makers and ICT channel operators: a meeting during which the cutting-edge technological novelties and benefits for business deriving from adoption of digital technologies will be presented.

Akeydor Limited, official distributor for several software and technology products today, has over 21 years of remote control expertise in international markets, has implemented more than 1 million licenses of Netop across the world, to industries and governments, and has aided large projects in the most remote locations. Akeydor renders its products to thousands of clients and local resellers today, to enable them to reach out to systems and devices in a secure, compliant and robust manner, and to assist them take control over their systems with a high level of IT integrity.