Remote access solutions

Efficient remote access solutions are increasingly vital in today’s connected world. With this perspective, our team presents Safe Remote Access, a versatile remote desktop control program. This software reflects our dedication to offering modern technology solutions that empower users to effortlessly and reliably manage and control a wide variety of devices and operating systems.

Comprehensive Functionality of Safe Remote Access

Safe Remote Access can control Windows PCs, servers, MacOS, Android tablets and smartphones, Windows mobile devices, and Windows CE-based devices such as handhelds and scanners remotely. This broad range of compatibility indicates the application’s versatility and its function in bridging the gap between different platforms. Safe Remote Access can be accessed via a web browser or from several operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and Windows Mobile.

The application thrives in both online (over the Internet) and offline (via a local network) modes, providing connectivity flexibility. It enables rapid and secure remote control of computers, tablets, cellphones, and other mobile devices, allowing access to both attended and unattended systems and devices. This capability is very useful for professionals who need to manage several devices or give remote IT help.


Android Device Control 

Safe Remote Access, with a focus on mobile devices, utilizes cloud-based technology to allow administrators and operators to securely and compliantly manage and operate a variety of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and handheld scanners. The process of establishing connections to remote systems is expedited through the use of SMS or text-based deployment methods. This software encompasses modules for web browsing, Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac platforms, facilitating multi-platform support. These modules ensure seamless interconnectivity between various devices, promoting efficient management and oversight.


Security and Convenience

Safe Remote Access addresses security issues in remote access solutions by offering end-to-end encrypted data transport across the Internet and wide area networks (WAN). This level of encryption safeguards sensitive information and helps to block unauthorized access to all forms of communication and control commands.


Flexible Pricing and Connectivity

Safe Remote Access understands the diverse needs of customers, offering reasonable pricing options that range from individual users to thousands. This flexibility ensures that budget constraints don’t hinder access to high-quality remote control software. Additionally, the absence of start-up or cancellation fees underscores our commitment to user-friendly practices.

The software provides a variety of connectivity options, including LAN, WAN, VPN, TCP/IP, and secure internet connections through its cloud technology. This range of connectivity options ensures that users can access their devices in almost any situation, be it on a local network or through the internet.


Extended Overview of Safe Remote Access Solutions

Advanced Features and Capabilities 

Safe Remote Access’s desktop control software is loaded with features to meet diverse operational needs. Its ability to manage a wide range of devices and systems from a distance showcases its flexibility and user-friendliness

  1. Multi-Platform Support: Safe Remote Access enables the management of devices including PCs, servers, Mac computers, Android tablets and smartphones, Windows mobile devices, and handhelds and scanners based on Windows CE. This versatility makes it a suitable solution for settings that feature a diverse array of hardware and operating systems.
  2. Cross-Platform Operation: Safe Remote Access can be utilized through a web browser or from various operating systems like Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and Windows Mobile. This flexibility ensures that users can control their devices from nearly any platform, enhancing both accessibility and ease of use.
  3. Online and Offline Functionality: Safe Remote Access is functional both online (via the Internet) and offline (through a local network). This dual-mode capability provides flexibility, enabling users to maintain control over their devices irrespective of internet connectivity.


Benefits of Using Remote Device Management

Safe Remote Access offers numerous key advantages that render it an indispensable tool for managing devices remotely:

  1. Remote Support and Management: It offers advanced tools for remote support, management, and access, allowing users to connect and support PCs, servers, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices either on a local network or from anywhere with an Internet connection​​.
  2. Unattended Access: Users can connect to and manage unattended devices and computers, such as Windows Servers and information terminals, providing flexibility in maintenance and troubleshooting​​.
  3. User Assistance and Monitoring: The ability to monitor and assist users on computers and devices anywhere is a significant advantage, particularly for IT support and help desk operations​​.
  4. Remote File Transfer and Access: Safe Remote Access allows users to transfer files, view documents, and even present remotely. This functionality is particularly beneficial for professionals who require access to or need to share information while away from their main workstation.
  5. Work from Anywhere: It turns any computer into a home office, allowing users to work on the go and safely access important or sensitive software programs and documents off-site​​.
  6. Device Fleet Management: The software can collect system information from an entire fleet of devices, both Macs and PCs, streamlining IT management and system administration tasks​​.
  7. Control of Specialized Devices: Safe Remote Access can remotely manage and control devices with built-in CPUs, like ATMs, handheld scanners, information kiosks, and industrial automation stations, using a smartphone, tablet, Windows PC, or Mac.
  8. Troubleshooting Remote Systems: The application is equipped to troubleshoot remote systems from any location, enhancing the efficiency of IT support teams​​.
  9. Accessing Personal Devices Remotely: Users can reach their smartphone or tablet even when they have left it at home, ensuring constant connectivity with personal devices​​.
  10. Desktop-to-Mobile Control: Safe Remote Access facilitates the remote control of a smartphone from a desktop computer, encompassing file transfers and clipboard copy/paste functionality between mobile and desktop, all through WiFi or a mobile data network.


Safe Remote Access and Akeydor

In conclusion, Safe Remote Access is a versatile remote desktop control solution tailored for professional users. It offers swift and secure management of a variety of devices including Windows PCs, Windows Servers, Mac computers, Android tablets, Android smartphones, and other mobile or embedded devices. This functionality extends both online, over the Internet, and offline, within your own network. The software facilitates access to both attended and unattended computers and devices, saving time, money, and resources by enabling connections to critical information or providing assistance to users in need. It creates an experience akin to having the computer or device right in front of you, regardless of distance. It streamlines tasks, ensuring efficiency and security. Embodying Akeydor’s mission to deliver software and technology products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of the global corporate and academic communities, Safe Remote Access stands as a comprehensive, secure, and effective tool for remote device management and control.