Leadership cannot be taught. It is a state of mind. It is the personalities and the traits of its leaders that make companies thrive. And while the business opportunities around the world are enormous, our commitment to our clients is even greater.


Network of Partners throughout the world

IT companies need to grow fast, and that is what we help them do locally and globally. The objective of our services is to transform our clients into Global Market Leaders in their selected target marge segments.

We are a worldwide Integrator of Software and Technology products, systems and devices, which assist organizations take control over their systems and maintain a high level of IT integrity.

We operate via a network of skilled Partners around the world, from the Americas to the Middle East and Asia depending on the locations of our customers and the service requirements.

We operate fast, efficiently, productively having customer high level integrity into our minds.



Akeydor Limited was founded in 2007 by Michael Chatzilias and Soren Peter Andersen and today, it has developed into a global integrator for specialized software products, systems and technologies, and a strategic consultant for go-to-market models and corporate strategy.


Our Interview in the International Markets

Our Interview in the International Markets