Innovation never stands still 

We are the result of more than 20 years of software implementation experience. On the timeline below, you can see how industry changes have shaped our company, its Management and the Products it carries today.

The dawn of remote control software: With the introduction of the Intel 80386 processor in 1985, the proliferation of computers in businesses grew exponentially.
Going mainstream: Windows 3.1 was released to the public in April, 1992. Introducing workgroups that would further solidify the need for business-class remote control software.
The rise of the computer era: With the release of Windows 98, the PC was starting to become a fixture in all businesses and most homes. By now, Akeydor’s people at the time were collecting valuable experience by selling Remote Control software to more than 20 countries worldwide. Those were the foundations for Akeydor’s forthcoming success.
The world of mobile starts: PDAs and mobile phones started appearing in droves at the start of the 2000s. Compaq, HP, Nokia were quickly becoming household names and popping up in the briefcases and pockets of business-people across the world. Akeydor could foresee an exciting future in the support and management of mobile devices, as well as computers and servers, but also machinery.
The expansion of smartphones: The Smartphone hits its stride with Apple’s iPhone in 2007, bringing the promise of handheld computers to life. New software trends and concepts are an almost daily occurrence after the App Store is introduced. Your pocket would never be the same again. Akeydor Limited saw the foundations of an exciting new era into the Mobile Application industry and the need to remotely support Mobile devices, including Androids and Windows mobile.
Mobile devices around the world: With backing from companies like Google, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and many more, Smartphones – and Tablets – quickly become the norm for business users. They make it easy to present, collaborate and stay in touch – even when users are out of the office.


Looking ahead: New innovations are constantly being brought to the market, challenging us to rethink the way we interact with technology, but also with each other. We have thus expanded to satisfy even more requirements from you as a customer and partner and we do this every day.