Cognitive search 

Employees and customers have an insatiable need for information. Cognitive search delivers it.

It augments employees’ intelligence to help them make smarter decisions and complete tasks faster. It helps customers support themselves and find information about products and services. To deliver on this need for ubiquitous information, cognitive search must find a needle in a haystack every time a person initiates a query. Today, top cognitive search vendors use more and varied AI technologies, such as natural language understanding (NLU), machine learning (ML), and deep learning.

Cognitive Search, Q2 2019, © 2019 Forrester Research, Inc


Cognitive search enterprise customers should look for providers that: 

  • Understand and enrich enterprise data.
  • Predict users’ intent to boost relevancy.
  • Include integrated tools for usage analytics, tuning, and app dev.


Akeydor Limited is the Certified partner for Mindbreeze Inspire.

Mindbreeze InSpire is the pre-installed Enterprise Search Appliance Box. Put the server box into the rack. Configure data sources. Start information crawling. Mindbreeze InSpire updates the search index for new and updated information quickly. The time interval can be configured for updating the index every 10 minutes. Many of the customers worldwide have developed their own custom search applications.

Today, more than 2400 international companies benefit from Mindbreeze.

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To allow an easy integration within your company, Mindbreeze InSpire offers more than 450 connectors to tie the different data sources. Of course we offer typical data sources like shared folders, Microsoft SharePoint and a multitude of ECM Systems.

All connectors are able to do more. They support the operative and analytical requirements as well as a pre-selection of relevant datasets. Beyond this our connectors make sure that all data is synchronized and up to date, so that changed documents and information is available shortly.

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Artificial intelligence

AI opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the business environment, especially when it comes to understanding content and preparing it for a specific context – but it also helps pinpoint and home in on the user’s exact needs and provides accurate answers to questions.

Applied AI doesn’t always have to mean a major project. With Mindbreeze InSpire, AI comes straight out of the box, and having readily available and applicable neural models is the key to getting started quickly.

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