Entering foreign markets

As the economic spotlight shifts to developing markets, global companies need new ways to manage their strategies, people, costs, and risks.

What are the challenges?

Managing global growth in the information technology industry is a challenge for small, medium and big enterprises alike. Where the challenge for the big enterprises is maintaining momentum and growth, the challenge for the small and medium-sized enterprises is selecting the most promising markets and getting started.

Winning customers all over the world

How do we address those challenges?

We help information technology companies assess, validate and choose the potential of foreign markets. We help our clients with local market intelligence to map the business model environment. We assist them to bootstrap their business in those early days where they need to win their first customers and independent channel partners.


Managing global organizations has been a business challenge for centuries. But the nature of the task is changing with the accelerating shift of economic activity from Europe and North America to markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. McKinsey suggests that 400 midsize emerging-market cities, many unfamiliar in the West, will generate nearly 40 percent of global growth over the next 15 years. The International Monetary Fund confirms that the ten fastest-growing economies during the years ahead will all be in emerging markets. Against this backdrop, continuing advances in information and communications technology have made possible new forms of international coordination within global companies and potential new ways for them to flourish in these fast-growing markets


Akeydor Limited possesses a long experience in assisting IT companies become leaders in their market segment. Throughout the years, we have developed skills, and a toolbox, enabling IT companies single themselves out of their competitors and enter the international arenas. It is the experience, the skills and the toolkits that we aim to pass on to our clients in positioning them to establish their own partner channels.

The global software industry


We use the business model framework introduced by Alexander Osterwalder. We work together with management, people, marketing, sales to design the activities required to destablish a productive partner programs as well as implement the program for the recruitment and management of partners that will find, win, make, keep and grow happy customers on our behalf.


We do it with very little resources. We learnt that we do not have to be big to be smart. Even small software companies can build powerful independent channel partner networks over time – if they understand the fundamentals. The crucial difference between doing business direct and indirect is hidden in the business model of the resellers. Software companies and their resellers have completely different value propositions and business models. The channel approach is all about understanding and supporting the resellers’ business model.


Each client is a different, independant, unique project for us.