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Pointsharp is a European cybersecurity company that enables organizations to secure data, identities, and access in a user-friendly way. Because we believe security needs to be easy, both for the users, and the IT department. As easy-to-use security solutions lay the foundation for a modern digital workplace.

Pointsharp delivers European-made cybersecurity software and services that support even the highest security and regulatory demands of large enterprise organizations and governmental institutions. Pointsharp customers around the world are often in markets requiring extra high levels of security, such as the financial, governmental, industrial, and defense sectors.


Pointsharp MFA. Security on your terms

Pointsharp MFA is a flexible multi-factor authentication software that works for both on-premises and hybrid environments. It adopts to your needs, not the other way around.

Focus on what is important. Let your users focus on work instead of complicated login procedures. Keep it easy with a smart login app, push notifications, BYOD support and more.

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Net iD Client. Let the user choose

A high security and versatile PKI middleware that support most OS and tokens for a great user experience. Net ID allows users to secure their devices on a single sign on point.

Highest level of security

Users have a single Sign-On entry point to secure their devices, and the highest level of signing and encryption standards.

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