Netop Vision Pro for Windows – Your Classroom Management on LAN


Imagine a Classroom Management Software that’s as easy to work with as it is to what you’re teaching.

A software solution with a rich variety of tools that open the door on what you can do in your classroom, giving you a range of creative ways to engage your students and help them succeed. Netop Vision Pro is that software.


NetOp Vision Family Features

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NetOp Education video

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“It’s really a tool that allows you to get what you want out of classroom technology. It’s not a cookie-cutter program. It’s so customizable and easily mixed into your curriculum and your lessons that you can get as much or as little out of it as you want”.

Jaret Tomlinson, Business: Orrick High School, Missouri


What can I do with it?

Stream videos on your students’ screens, fast and in sync. Teach graphics-intensive subjects like CAD. With Vision Pro, you can take any software you’re running and share it on your students’ computers in real time. You can select the websites you want your students to have access to, or just pick a few you want to keep off limits. Demo from your PC to your students’ smart devices. It makes using technology in the classroom smoother, easier and more professional. And that’s just the beginning of what this advanced classroom management software solution can do.


Netop Vision Pro offers all the same features as Netop Vision, the classroom management software that teachers across the world depend on when using technology in the classroom. But it goes further. Three powerful enhancements make the difference:


Ultimate Web Control: Vision Pro gives you the power to customize your students’ access to the Internet case by case.


Class-Wide Remote Login: Now you can get all your computers logged in with a click, from your desk, so they’ll be ready as soon as students arrive


How is it different than other classroom management software?

It is the best Vision Pro classroom management software that sets the standard.  Dynamic presentation tools make teaching with technology intuitive and engaging, from high-speed screen sharing to on-screen annotation tools.  Do you want ultimate web control and class-wide remote login?

Plus it’s really easy to learn You’re busy. We know. Even the most awesome classroom tool isn’t practical if it takes too long to learn. That’s why, when it comes to the learning curve, at Netop we aim for no curve at all. Vision Pro has a refreshingly simple interface for using technology in the classroom, paired with a remarkably intuitive layout.

Still using Netop School? Vision Pro is the next generation of Netop School software. We’ve taken the best features from Netop School and improved them to create a powerful new classroom management software with an even more intuitive interface. Make the switch to Vision Pro. It’s free with your Netop Advantage program.


See everything your students see and keep them on-task

Vision helps you manage the digital classroom

With Vision, you’ll see what’s happening on all student screens and be able to refocus classroom attention. This classroom management software can keep students on task and potentially boost student achievement by keeping them engaged. Is someone struggling with a lesson? Playing on social media? Cheating on a test? You’ll know firsthand by seeing live views of all student screens on your computer. You can even customize your view to match your classroom layout.


The teacher can see all student activity using classroom management software.
Blank computer screens to regain instruction time using software.

Blank Screens and Block Input

Refocus students’ attention, reclaiming instruction time

Eyes front! Pay attention! Simply press the button to lock student screens and keyboards, redirecting students’ attention. You can even customize the lock screen image to add your own personal flair.


Facilitate learning by sharing your screen on every student device

No need for projectors or handouts – Vision gives every student a front row seat by sharing your screen on student computers.

Two monitors showing how to share the teacher's screen on every student device.
Block websites to keep students off social media until class is over.

Block Web

Because social media can wait until the lesson is over

Your classroom, your rules. Use the internet to enhance learning, rather than detract from it. With the push of a button, you can limit web access, keeping students safe and on-task.