Access and remote control Android devices, smartphones, tablets, handheld devices, scanners in a secure and compliant manner

Using Wisemo’s myCloud Technology, Administrators and Operators are able to access computers, servers, Windows mobile devices, Android devices, smartphones, tablets, handhelds and scanners.


Log in to myCloud Domain ( and create an account in order to use the Web Guest (the supporter over the web browser). Once logged in, you can start your Web Guest in order to access any Host (remote, target) computers, servers, or device you want. 

It is easy to deploy remote hosts to your target device destination – you can deploy using SMS, or Text (phone number) to send your Android host to the device. It is also possible to pre-configure the host, so it is sent with minimum configuration requirements.

Also, you can download  iOS Guest from the App store in order to reach computers and devices from your iOS Device (iPad and iPhone).

For your Android device, download from Google Play our Android Guest.

To test Wisemo myCloud technology and the Web Guest, as well as to reach out to computers, servers, Windows Mobile and Android devices, please contact our team or go to:


The Guest module (the support operator)

  • Web Browser Guest
  • Windows PC Guest
  • iOS Guest
  • Android Guest
  • MAC Guest

The host module (remote)

  • Windows Hosts (PCs and servers)
  • Windows Mobile Hosts
  • Windows CE Hosts
  • Android Hosts (Tablets and Smartphones, handheld devices, scanners)
  • MacOS Hosts


  • Connection via LAN, WAN, VPN, TCP/IP
  • Connection via internet, securely using WiseMo mycloud technology