Danaos InfoGate

Info@GATE was built by a shipping company with the needs of shipping companies in mind.

Security, speed, and the ability to handle thousands of messages daily, combined with organisational features like filing, procedural actions, and comprehensive searches make Info@GATE the ideal solution for large companies operating in a fast-paced industry. Info@GATE is the preferred corporate e-mail and communications system for more than 150 companies world-wide. Remote and mobile access, via smartphones and tablets, combined with 365x24x7 personal support round out Info@GATE’s extensive benefits.

  • Full Management if incoming and outgoing messages (e-mail, interoffice memos, fax, telex, SMS, refilers), as well as documents.
  • Full integration with all DANAOS ship management applications.
  • Server-based ensuring the integrity and speed of back-up and security procedures and avoiding message duplication.
  • Assignment of unique serial numbers to messages which helps users locate messages without delay and avoids confusion.
  • Ability to distribute messages to other users without creating a duplicate message.
  • Full control of user privileges concerning the viewing and handling of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • A matching option that groups messages together per case presenting the user with the entire history of the case at a glace.
  • Follow-up of workflow and processes by creating tasks, adding comments/actions to messages.
  • The ability to explicitly request approval or acknowledgement from other users.
  • A comprehensive filing system for messages and documents that may be organized according to the specific needs of the company.
  • Ability to keep outgoing messages “ON HOLD” until they are ready to be released.
  • Ability to send Secure Personal messages from financial, legal or any other sensitive information.
  • Intelligible, yet robust search panel providing users with criteria related to virtually any time of information a message may contain.
  • A centralised and comprehensive address book that is shared with all other Danaos applications.