Danaos Maritime for Shipping Companies

The Danaos Enterprise suite is the leading software package that integrates all the daily operations of any shipping company in a goal-based efficiency-driven suite.

  • Commercial Applications
  • Ship Management Applications
  • Financial Applications
  • Maritime Enterprise Applications
  • Bunkerring Applications
  • Optinal Routing and Fuel efficiency
  • Danaos SeaRoutes

Danaos Commercial Suite

The Danaos Commercial Cycle is a comprehensive suite allowing the Chartering and Operations departments to follow-up a complete voyage sequence and to manage the commercial performance of the fleet, starting from the Estimation and Charter Party drafting through the full vessel movements, performance, and voyage statistics and recap per vessel and per fleet(s). It applies to all types of vessels and has enhanced functionality that allows for cargo parceling, fleet scheduling and optimizations, if needed.

Danaos Ship Management Applications

The Danaos Ship Management suite of applications is the bedrock of the success of Danaos, consolidating into a powerful integrated system all aspects of the daily work needed to manage efficiently a fleet of vessels and linking seamlessly both office and vessel into a unified environment with fully automatic data transfer and database synchronization.

Danaos Financial Applications

The Danaos Financials suite is the de facto standard in maritime accounting and financial performance follow-up. The Danaos Financials package was one of the very first applications introduced in the maritime industry since the late 80s and since then it is very widely used by hundreds of Danaos customers world-wide.

Lately the Danaos Financials suite has been enhanced with additional functionality to assist the shipping companies that are listed in Stock Exchanges to comply fully with the Sarbanes – Oxley and the other similar regulations and audits. It is no coincidence that a large majority of shipping companies listed in major Stock Exchanges use Danaos Financials to comply with their reporting requirements.

Maritime Enterprise Applications

Danaos Enterprise software suite is designed to integrate computer systems that run all phases of business operations and assist increased internal coordination of work and cooperation across a company. 

With a host of regulations to adhere to, a number of  shipping companies are looking to software to perform tasks with greater efficiency and the more integration available the easier to implement. 

Danaos launched its Enterprise concept last in 2004, but the modules have been under development since the company was formed twenty years ago. The system’s functionality has been developed and enhanced based on feedback from clients and prospective clients over the last 20+ years. 

Danaos have built up the Enterprise version over a number of years. It means that you can replace your existing systems with one fully integrated solution that connects everyone in your organization to charterers, suppliers and partners at any time, anywhere. 

The Danaos Enterprise Software Suite is a modular system that allows the flow of information to be integrated among the various departments ashore. ?he vessel becomes an integral part of the company-wide electronic work-flow, resulting in improved business cycles and improved efficiency. This unique version has been designed to unify all the functionality of a shipping company in one single executable program. This concept is a must to implement corporate key performance indicators.

Danaos Bunkerring Applications

Controlling fuel costs are one of the single most important contributors to your bottom line. Bunker procurement decisions today have become increasingly complicated for bunker buyers and managers forcing solutions that are non –intuitive, complex and multidimensional. Bunkers and purchasing costs have increased from 5% of revenue to 50-60%. This significant change is a result of the commodization of bunker fuel, its shrinking percentage in supply from refining and new governmental-driven sulfur constraints.

Optinal Routing and Fuel Efficiency

Danaos launched two novel product lines aiming to streamline the Bunker purchasing activity and to provide Voyage Routing advice in order to optimize fuel consumption during sea passage, taking into account the vessel characteristics, the weather predictions and the market and charter party requirements.

Danaos SeaRoutes

Combining accurate vessel added resistance and sea-keeping data with best of breed weather forecasts SeaRoutes DSS navigates your particular vessel through the oceans optimizing bunker consumption and passage time according to the market conditions. Although system is producing voyage plans, weather forecasts and voyage summaries to be used onboard and ashore, it is totally different than the various weather routing systems in the market since it suggests the best path based on the detailed parameters of each vessel and the prevailing market requirements. No onboard installation is required, the optimization algorithm is executed ashore and the results are sent to the Master as a routing advice.