Transportation customers in Maritime or Truck Industries use half or full size sea containers.

These containers contain high value goods, but little value for the average citizen. For the ship, howevever, forwarder or agency though, these goods are representing a lot of money as the ship is stuck at quay, meaning a significant loss every day.
– The tracking with Trackunit is for this reason not an anti theft solution, but a dispatching solution for the forecast of the delivery of it.
– Trackunit has developed a specific self powered unit, the 5YearBattery unit, which will report a nr of times (settings can be customized by users)

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Other applications

The 5Year Battery unit can be used for many other applications on or in objects that have no power supply such as:

Train wagons
Work site cabins-containers

It is also an excellent solution to be placed into cars and machines which need ‘temporarily’ a racking system against eventual theft.