Akeydor’s new Asset Management System optimised for operations and maintenance

The Trackunit FMS is currently in use by contractors, machine rental companies and other professionals in the machinery sector and industry. This fleet management system provides numerous advantages that increase profitability, customer satisfaction and security.

How the system works

A compact Trackunit with GSM and GPS is fitted in the vehicle, which collects data and sends it to a server. The information from the system is shown directly via the web in the Trackunit Manager or smartphone app.

Download leaflets

Download leaflet for the construction business and machine fleets to see how your business can benefit from Trackunit.

Leaflet for rental businesses can also be downloaded here on this page.

Trackunit Transport

Trackunit Rental

Fleet Management

Advantages for machine fleets:

  • Documentation of tasks and as basis for cost accounting
  • Combined overview of operating hours of machine fleet
  • Accurate invoicing basis for machine rentals
  • Simplified service and maintenance administration
  • Message service via e-mail or SMS
  • Automatic notification of annual safety inspection
  • Reports on start and stop times, activity, history and much more
  • Lower risk of breakdown and machinery overload
  • Anti-theft protection and tracking throughout Europe
  • Better insurance terms