Our IT infrustructure with reliability, around the clock

Your IT infrastructure doesn’t keep regular business hours. When something goes wrong, your remote IT support solution has to let you resolve it immediately: unattended systems, corporate networks, data center operations, servers; at the same time, it has to help you do more with less.


How to meet these challenges?

  • Support hundreds to thousands of devices from a single console
  • Access a server or workstation from an iOS device
  • Log in or start up remotely, even when no one is available on site
  • Connect across platforms, operating systems, devices, networks
  • Integrate your remote IT support solution with existing security policies
  • Record entire sessions to perform audits or develop training tools


Back-end equipment. Unattended systems. Applications, devices, connectivity – these are the arteries of your IT environment, and it takes a mature remote IT support solution to ensure the flow of continuous uptime.


The results? Round-the-clock performance.
Better response resolution rates. Efficiency. Productivity.
Lower support costs. Consistent uptime.



Be productive. Deploy specialists the moment they’re needed. Respond instantaneously when you get a support request, no matter how many locations you have or where they are.

Be cost-efficient. Tracking expenses in your IT environment is one thing; tracking how your staff manages that environment is not as simple; still this can add a great deal to your overall costs. Netop cuts IT travel and response time, streamlining your efficiencies and easing your overhead.

Be equipped. Netop gives your personnel the tools they need to resolve the problems they face: screen-sharing, remote mouse and keyboard control, file transfer, scripting, more.

Be secure. The right remote solution will offer industry-compliant encryption, multi-factor authentication, session logging and granular, client-defined access rights – so you can safeguard security, ensure compliance and avoid needless risk.