WiseMo Remote Support and Management

WiseMo A/S is the developer of the new Enterprise Remote Control solution, Wisemo RSM (Remote Support and Management).

WiseMo is designed to match the Remote Support and Management needs and requirements of Application Developers, as well as the large enterprise sector, where customized development, security, ease of use and flexibility are important elements in embedding remote control technology.

WiseMo has the following capabilities:

  • WiseMo for PC, Server (via TCP/IP – Network communication)
  • WiseMo myCloud communication – which is over a closed private domain
  • WiseMo for Android devices, Windows Mobile Devices, Handheld, Cameras, scanners
  • Wisemo WebGuest component
  • Wisemo for Windows CE based devices


Access and Support CE based Systems, Devices and machinery

Today almost everything, from ATMS to Oil rings, are connected via the Internet, WiFi, LAN or WAN, to people who support and monitor the installations. For large industrial plants, physical presence might be desirable and most users would like to have the supporter pressing the keys on the keyboard. However for a number of reasons including the costs associated with local support of machinery, it is impossible to always keep maintaining equipment and machinery on the spot locally.

The users can now embed into their machinery Guest and Host remote control modules, or they can insert our Guest component module into their own development / console.

The Windows Guest module is available as a component for application developers, so that the Guest functionality can be embedded into Windows applications and the web browser. From your applicatation, you can remote control smartphones, CE Devices, PCs and Servers, including CE based machinery and large plants which run on Windows CE (industrial).

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