Smart phones are sweeping over the world.

More people today use the free applications for fun and for business.

Gradually, expensive business applications are installed on the smart phones. This poses new challenges. How are you supposed to support something that is on the road? If the smart phones aren’t properly maintained, companies face the risk of losing valuable data and throwing away time.



PC to Mobile – Mobile to PC – Mobile to Mobile

Wisemo Remote Control helps IT professionals succeed in keeping their smartphones and other handheld devices up and running. The supporter simply connects to the smart phone from her PC or even from her own smart phone and carries out the necessary tooling around or provides user support, irrespective of the devices being connected via the company WiFi or via the mobile network.

Wisemo also offer IT professionals the possibility to reach their Servers and other PCs from the comfort of their smartphone. The ability to quickly take a look at a problem, no matter where you are located, is often critical in securing a high rate of up time and user satisfaction.


Wisemo RSM Mobile:

  • Access and control Windows mobile devices
  • Take over screen & keyboard from a PC, Mac, Android device, iPhone or iPad
  • Transfer files and directories
  • Create inventory list over HW / SW and other technical details


Wisemo’s brochure WiseMo RSM Mobile 

For application developers, our Windows Guest module is available as a component. Thereby the Guest functionality can be embedded into your Windows applications and web browser applications. From your application you can remote control smartphones, remote control CE devices, remote control  PCs and servers. To learn more, please read our Guest Component brochure