Wisemo embedded remote control


Application Developers and Programmers

For application developers, the Wisemo Windows Guest module is available as a component too. Thereby the Guest functionality can be embedded into your Windows applications and web browser applications. From your application you can remote control smartphones, remote control CE devices, remote control  PCs and servers.

To learn more, please read Wisemo’s Guest Component brochure


Professional developers use Wisemo’s extremely powerful Guest Component to easily embed advanced remote control functionality into their Windows or Web browser applications. The Guest Component offers a great opportunity for you to easily enhance and seamlessly integrate your application with the features from our world-class remote control, chat, and remote management technology.





Wisemo’s Remote Control components

Using Wisemo’s components your Windows application or Web browser application can easily connect to remote PCs or Mobile devices equipped with our “Host” module. The Guest Component offers a variety of communication methods, including advanced firewall transparent communication technology for hassle free connectivity. Once connected, you drive the “look and feel” and which features to use. For example, you can show the remote PCs screen or just part of it inside your application, control tasks and services, manage the registry and much more. Only your imagination will limit you. We even provide you with sample demo programs and source code, so you quickly can get started writing some powerful code.


Web or Windows application

The component can be integrated into Windows based applications or browser based applications depending on your purpose. The ActiveX component supports both Windows applications and Internet Explorer. The NPAPI component supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers on Windows.


Ideal Licensing for Application Developers

The WiseMo Guest Component comes with a perpetual, run time free license that can be used by all staff in your organization and freely distributed with your applications. See our License Terms. (Host modules for installation on the remote PC or mobile device are licensed separately at attractive volume pricing).


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