Fast stable connectivity anywhere

Netop WebConnect provides ongoing, highly secure, borderless connectivity to all equipment and locations.

It consists of two parts. The Connection Manager is a meeting hub where users make contact with target machines, and applications can communicate over the Internet. Meanwhile, one or more Connection Servers route the traffic between them, supporting up to 100 concurrent connections each.

WebConnect lets users take control of a machine remotely, bypassing firewalls, proxies and routers. Technicians connecting to a device over the Internet are often barred by firewalls, sometimes unmanaged ones. Also, they may not know the machine’s IP address, or be able to find out. With remote control and firewall-friendly connectivity, WebConnect overcomes these barriers.

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The benefits of using WebConnect

Efficiency rises Operate the user’s keyboard and mouse. Chat via text, audio or video. Perform load-balancing and support hundreds of sessions with multiple Connection Servers.

Costs fall WebConnect means better productivity, less IT travel and a smaller budget. Your administrative costs fall, as your IT staff can field more calls.

Security tightens WebConnect is installed on your server, giving you 100% control of its security. No third-party data storage; also, you can encrypt data with up to 256 bits AES.

Satisfaction spikes Secure, direct connections; faster call resolution. With no third-party servers, the traffic pattern is straightforward. Uptime improves. So does the customer’s experience.

For over 30 years, Netop has been providing complex remote maintenance from one intuitive interface, so you can streamline costs, resolve technical difficulties anywhere, any time, and get more productivity from the resources you’re using.Net