HDGUARD was developed for permanent PC protection and reduces maintenance costs and administration time to a minimum without restricting the functionality of the PC in any way. The HDGUARD is cost-effective security software for all application areas in which PCs need specific security because of constantly changing users. Because of that HDGUARD is suited for the safe use of PC systems in schools (and other educational institutions), Internet cafes, libraries and even for Internet PCs at the kiosk. Even office PCs, you can simply and effectively protect with HDGUARD and make it stable and secure.








HDGUARD Description

The HDGUARD backup concept: Ingeniously simple
Instead of backing up windows by creating a complete hard disk image, HDGUARD memorizes all changes a user or Windows performs.The advantage of this concept is HDGUARD requires only very little memory and hard disk space. Furthermore HDGUARD will start at a amount of zero disk usage after each reboot. This way a protected PC always boots up fast and reliable, even after thousands of boot/reboot cycles.Another advantage is a recovery time of zero. HDGUARD doesn’t have to restore a hard disk image. Thus it won’t ever overwrite your protected partition in the means of restoring a system image. Instead, it will just “forget” the changes made during last Windows session. Furthermore HDGUARD protects the privacy on public terminals removing internet cookies and stored passwords on next reboot. No succeeding user will be able to recover secret or private data of preceeding users. HDGUARD has also proven to be extremely effective and secure in companies such as banks or insurance companies, but also in authorities. It is suitable for use with networked or stand-alone PCs.

Applications use: 

HDGUARD protects the system and program settings, and obtains constantly running PCs. Therefore HDGUARD comes  to use in many institutions and businesses. Here are some examples:

  • PCs in schools and libraries
  • Internet cafes and public Internet terminals
  • Reliable public security and health care like police departments and hospitals
  • Critical computer operating systems like in big companies.


Public PCs in schools and libraries

HDGUARD is perfect for schools, libraries, universities and other training facilities. We provide the perfect protection for all these computer-based training classes.

This is what HDGUARD is developed for and became a very reliable and time saving security tool. Designed in Germany, HDGUARD protects the PCs of most of the schools and universities throughout the country. Meanwhile the HDGUARD has attained a leading position in the group of security products on the German speaking market.


Internet-Cafes (Cybercafes) and public Information Terminals

HDGUARD is perfect for public terminals in shops, public buildings, hotels, airports, hospitals, doctor’s practices and Internet-Cafes (Cybercafes).

Think of a PC publicly accessable by anonymous people in a high rate. Isn’t that a really dangerous environment for damageable computer software? Yes, of course it is! Especially for cybercafes and public information terminals, HDGUARD is a very efficient way to keep the facility running. No viruses or internet worms, nor the user himself will be able to affect a computer lastingly.


Reliable public security and medical care

Where else do you need reliable computer infrastructure, if not in a sheriff department, hospital or surgery.

Computer failure can indeed be perilous. Accessing medical data when it’s needed can save human lives. But hospital applications and police office computers are not the only areas of application that is really important. Just imagine for a second what would happen if the emergency call of cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia or Phoenix would be no more operating due to computer failure! HDGUARD can reduce downtime to nearly 0% in highly critical environments.


Mission critical computer systems

HDGUARD is perfect for inhouse and outdoor IT equipment in companies and authorities, like sales-representatives, service technicians, shops, banks, customer call centers and much more!

Nothing is more precious than human time. That’s why companies and authorities require constantly available computer systems. They have to be ready for use just when they’re needed. HDGUARD ensures that your IT infrastructure is ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Starting in the office and proceeding to portable service computers (i.e. laptop or Tablet PC), HDGUARD keeps your IT equipment available wherever you are.


Features at a glance

  • No hardware (no dongle or recovery card) required
  • Protect up to 32 (!) hard disk partitions
  • Recover the stable original state of hard disks automatically on each reboot
  • Write-protect each hard disk with a few clicks, even remotely
  • Additional block USB devices and protect USB ports
  • No specific hard disk partition setup required
  • Supports Windows Vista™, Windows™ XP and Windows™ 2000
  • 64-Bit CPU compatible


Advanced LAN features:

  • Control USB access dynamically over network (for classes and companies)
  • Blank out screens of students to get their attention
  • Disable internet access over network