Protect mobile devices and keep data safely secured

Tablets and smartphones are vulnerable to threats such as theft and loss. Therefore, the ability to remotely lock a stolen or lost device is essential and a common requirement in many projects today.

The Geo Track & Lock anti theft system from Radix enables easy tracking and effective protection should your tablet or smartphone fall into the wrong hands. With the Geo Track & Lock every device remains fully protected even following factory reset.


Radix VISO Anti-theft & Geo-fencing module

Track, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices. Mobile device protection, Keep your mobile devices fleet secure at all times. Protect devices and content according to predefined criteria, and make them useless in the wrong hands.

VISO streamlines mobile device protection, content security and device tracking. Set active alert methods and triggers such as Geo-fencing and perimeter control.

Tracking devices is critical for device fleet maintenance, lost or stolen devices present security threats, data leaks and substantial loss. No matter if you are managing nomadic users or lend devices to users/students/employees, tracking the location and whereabouts of a device is critical. An advanced built-in alerting system can be triggered, engaging with a series of visible and audible measures as well as silent alarms.


Lost or stolen?

When a device is lost or stolen, you may trigger a sequence of events that will locate, wipe and lock it, making it useless. Once a device is retrieved you may unlock it.


Key features:

  • Triggers and alerts according to predefined criteria
  • Track multiple devices by GPS, cell data or Wi-Fi
  • Activate and deactivate tracking according to on-demand for maximum privacy
  • Save location history frequently
  • Lock the device on alert or via remote command
  • Wipe data and content on alert or via remote command
  • Radix Mobile device protection Unlock device when retrieved or found
  • “Persistent Protection” technology remains active following a factory reset (for partner devices)
  • Display device “lost” or “stolen” message on the home screen
  • Embed into the device firmware




Unlocked tablet

GeoLock operation does not rely on a user interface. This ensures the application cannot be disabled or removed by a user, but instead securely communicates directly with the GeoLock server. Once a command is given from the server console, the tablet will immediately be locked (when next connecting to the Internet).

Locked tablet

Once locked the tablet cannot be used. Even performing factory reset will not remove the GeoLock installation. As long as the tablet’s status on the server remains “locked”, it has no operability and is effectively useless to the person holding it. Unlocking the tablet can be performed remotely from the console or with a secured access code by the administrator


Cloud console screen

The cloud interface console allows full management of the system – features include:

  • Remotely locking and unlocking tablets
  • Complete information on every tablet
  • Searching interface
  • Location positioning based on WiFi, cell data, or GPS (when available)
  • IP location information database access


SaaS delivery, cloud management

Wipe or Lock device for data security

Integrates in device firmware

Hierarchical user management policy