Akeydor Limited supporting the Global Mobile Workforce

Mobile workforce: Away from the Desk Support

Traveling sales teams, staff working from home, truck drivers, utility meter readers, field workers… by 2016, Forrester projects that 63 million US information workers will telecommute at least part of their time. This means less office space and a lower overhead. On the other hand, a mobile workforce requires robust mobile support.

How Akeydor Limited supports the Global mobile workforce

  • Support hundreds to thousands of mobile workers, wherever they may be
  • Manage a vast array of devices, from laptops to specialized handheld scanners
  • Connect to devices efficiently across heterogeneous networks and firewalls
  • Allow authorized access only, prevent security breach, generate documentation
  • Monitor which remote support activities took place on which devices


As organizations attempt to cut costs and mobile technology continues to develop, the trend toward a mobile workforce will grow. Competitive organizations embrace this. Akeydor implements a number of Software products for the Mobile workforce, which make work on the move possible, across complex environments, in an efficient and secure manner.